Galina Tiurina

Facilitator. Coach. Dialogic OD consultant.

Assisting team strategic dialogues.
Belarus. Europe. Asia.

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My name is Galina Tiurina. I’m facilitator, coach, OD consultant, and a senior trainer on strategic communications at Open European Academy on economy and politics (Prague, the Czech rep). I reside in Belarus and work often abroad. Among my partners and clients are individuals, organisations and communities from Belarus, Russia, Czech republic, Central Asian countries, Mongolia and China.

I have a legal background (Belarus) and a management master degree of the European Humanitarian University (Lithuania). Before starting my freelancer career I worked in a non-profit sphere in a multinational environment for more than 15 years. Throughout my professional life I have had varied experiences in many roles, starting from manager to co-founder and leader, and further to international expert in migration sphere. Based on these professional and life experiences new competence has arise – to assist in organisational and community change. 

I was always curious to understand how companies shift to a new (self) management systems bringing ever greater value to society. During these years I participated in many organizational transformation projects and policy developments, and now I’m sure that true transformation can start only when deep long-lasting dialogue between leader and team starts. I strongly believe in sociocratic way of development, servant-leaders and collective wisdom. 

I delicately and carefully work with company owners and expert teams who have a sincere desire to make changes and have respect for themselves, their team and their work. 

I am passionate about co-creation and helping teams and organizations achieve their greatest potential and develop new ways of working in order to co-create healthier working environments.

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I base my work on intergral approach, using variety of methods according to the needs of a client. In my toolbox you can find such technologies as Appreciative Inquiry, Technology of Participation, Open Space Technology, Scenario Planning, World Café, Lego Serious Play, business system coaching, facilitating change using U-theory  and Agile management 3.0.

I work on a freelance basis and I’am always open to new partnerships.

If you have any ideas of co-operation, please, contact me!